Below is a special listing of prayers. There are literally hundreds and thousands of prayers, novenas, chaplets, and devotions. This listing does not endeavor to be an all-inclusive listing. Instead it is a collection of special prayers that we feel will be of particular interest and help to those living a quiverfull lifestyle. In addition to listing the prayer and any accompanying information, each page can be generated in a printer-friendly format. This was a very important feature I wanted to include, since many sites will offer the prayers but not an easy way to print them (some sites even require payment to generate printer copies).

This site offers traditional prayers, as well as modern prayers for timely intentions. While we appreciate when our visitors encourage others to visit our site and thus assist us in our ministry to quiverfull families, there is no obligation to acknowledge the source of these prayers or "link back" should you use them on another site. The word of God is always free, and we encourage you to share these prayers with others so they may enjoy the graces and glories associated with them.

You will find that many prayers have multiple intentions and therefore could fall into more than one category. I have endeavored to classify this listing as best as I can, but am mindful that some prayers may not be appropriate in two sections, therefore I have used my discretion as to where it would be found easiest by our visitors.


The prayers in this category are core prayers that should be recited by all Catholics.

  Act of Contrition
  Fatima Prayers
          Decade, Pardon, Angel's,
          Eucharistic, Sacrifice,
          & Penance Prayers
  Regina Coeli
  Rosary Prayers
          Apostles Creed, Our Father,
          Hail Mary, Glory Be,
          & Hail Holy Queen


Since it is oftentime hard to visual how to recite a chaplet if you do not have the actual beads, each chaplet has a small graphic. These graphics were created specifically for this site (please do not take or use them without asking permission); we hope that these visual aides will help you when searching to purchase a particular chaplet, or assist in you crafting one if you make your own.

  7 Dolors of Mary
  Devine Mercy
  Holy Family
  Holy Family (Rosary)
  Holy Souls
  Holy Wounds
  Immaculate Conception
  Our Lady of Guadalupe
  Poor Souls in Purgatory (Rosary)
  Promise Prayer for the Poor Souls
  St. Joseph
  St. Joseph (Family Protection)
  St. Joseph (Rosary)
  St. Michael


The prayers in this category have a more direct purpose of decicating one's life or family. They are of a more "official" nature, even though the consecrations may be made in private and in a personal fashion. While a consecration is only needed to be done once, it is adviseable to renew the consecration periodically for personal strength and graces.

  Family to Sacred Hearts
          of Jesus and Mary

  Family to Mary
  Families to Sacred Heart
  Holy Family
  Holy Family #2
  Our Lady of Mount Carmel
  Unborn Child


Because of the nature of this site, I have decided to segregate prayers that are specifically for families and children.

  Another Child
  Child in Heaven
  Christian Atmosphere in Home
  Expectant Mother's Prayer
          (St. Gerard)

  Expectant Mother #2
          (St. Gerard)

  Family Size (Discernment)
  Family #2
  Family (by Mother Theresa)
  Family Prayer
          Our Lady of Guadalupe

  Families (Pope's Prayer)
  Fathers (Pope's Prayer)
  Gift of a Child
  Grandparents Prayer
          (St. Ann & St.Joachim)

  Growing Families
  Handicapped Child
  Have a Child (Our Lady)
  Holy Family
  Homeschoolers Prayer to Mary
  Husband's Prayer
  Infant in Heaven
  Large Families
  Married Son or Daughter
  Mother with Child (St. Gerard)
  Motherhood (St. Gerard)
  Nurse (Breastfeed) a Child
  Parent's Prayer for Children
  Pregnant Woman
  Protection for Children
          from Diabolical Influences

  Protection for One's Child(ren)
  Quiverfull Prayer
          to the Holy Family

  Safe Delivery (St. Gerard)
  Son or Daughter who is Engaged
  Spouse's Prayer for Each Other
  Wife's Prayer
  Wise Choice of
          Marriage Partner (Our Lady)


In classifying these prayers, I have decided to list them under their intention for ease of locating one for a particular need. If the prayer is to a saint in general, it is simply listed as such. If the prayer is for a specific intention, but is asking the intercession of a saint or Our Lady, it is noted in parenthesis.

  7 Sorrows and Joys of St. Joseph
  Abortion Victims
  Against Demonic Attacks
  Demonic Influence
  Defeat Satan (Queen of Angels)
  Defeat the Work of Satan
  Devout Affections on
          the Passion of Our Lord

  Enemies (Pope's Prayer)
  Exorcism Against Satan and
          the Rebellious Angels

  Golden Arrow
  Grace of All Masses
  Guardian Angel
  Guardian Angel #2
  Holy Face Offering
  Holy Souls (weekly prayers)
  Life (Pope's Prayer)
  Litany of the Love of God
  Little Act of Entrusting
          A Soul to Mary

  Mealtime Prayers
  Offering of the Precious Blood
  Our Lady of Guadalupe
  Our Lady of Guadalupe #2
  Our Lady of Guadalupe
          (Pope's Prayer)

  Overcome a Weakness
  Precious Blood Offering
  Prolife Prayer (St. Gerard)
  Promise Prayer
  Respect for Life (St. Gerard)
  Save Souls
  Simon Stock
  Shoulder Wound of Jesus
  Storms Protection
  St. Bridget (15 Prayers)
  St. Gabriel, the Archangel
  St. Joseph (After Rosary)
  St. Michael
  St. Michael Prophecy and Prayer
  St. Raphael for Choice
          of A Good Spouse

  St. Raphael
  St. Raphael #2
  Thanksgiving for Happy Family
  Unborn Child
  Virgin of Guadalupe
  Vocations (Pope's Prayer)
  Vocation Discernment (St. Joseph)
  Webmaster's Prayer (St. Gabriel)
  Website Protection
  Workers Prayer (St. Joseph)


Novenas are a single or series of prayers that is/are recited daily for an indicated period of time for a special intention. Usually the duration is in denominations of nine (i.e. 9 days, 9 weeks), but can can vary. The act of reciting the prayers dilligently in an official manner gives them great merit and power.

  Chaplet of Devine Mercy Novena
  Efficacious Novena to
          the Sacred Heart of Jesus

  Catherine Siena
  Our Lady of Guadalupe
  Holy Cloak
  Holy Souls in Purgatory
  Holy Spirit
  Immaculate Heart of Mary
  Our Mother of Mothers
  St. Gerard Majella
  St. Joseph
  St. Joseph (Short)
  St. Raphael

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